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This course offers a men’s mid-life health assessment to help you understand how your health and hormones change over time and the positive action you can take now to look after yourself. Learn the science behind heart, prostate and testicular health, the importance of sleep and the vital role of nutrition in your health.

What's this course about?

Research suggests that men can be reluctant to visit their GP or track their health. This course will help you understand what is normal for you as you age and highlight what might need further investigation. The session uses real-world examples as you explore the science behind many health concerns including declining male hormone levels, and heart, prostate and testicular health. You’ll discover why sleep is vital for good health and practical ways you can take care of your mental health.

This course is not just for men. The information will also be useful for women to understand and support the men in their life too - fathers, brothers, male colleagues and friends.

What will you get out of it?

The information in this course will help you to build healthy habits based on a foundation of scientific evidence. By better understanding the key health conditions that affect men after mid-life, you can design your own health plan to take care of your hormone, heart, prostate and testicular health. You’ll leave with a mid-life health checklist and 5 delicious recipes created specifically with ingredients to support men’s health.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Appreciate the role of testosterone and your options if levels are low
  • Recognise heart health risk factors and develop your own healthy heart plan
  • Spot the symptoms that suggest it’s time for a prostate check
  • Understand the tests that assess testicular, prostate, and heart health
  • Choose foods that support heart, prostate and mental health
  • Build your own evidence-based health routine

Is this course for you?

This course is for anyone who would like to learn more about men’s health conditions and how to support men, particularly from mid-life onwards. 


Delegates need to be open to considering their own health within a safe and supportive environment.

This course will not replace treatments or therapies prescribed or recommended by your health professional for any severe mental health conditions.

If this course if fully booked, we highly recommend joining the waiting list. We add additional dates for our most popular courses, and will always contact people on the waiting list if places become available.