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The world is changing rapidly, with globalisation and advances in technology, alongside the rescent pandemic, changing our personal and working lives. On top of this are the everyday changes that can effect us to. This course will help you understand change, natural responses to it, and techniques to cope with change in a positive way.

What's this course about?

Change is now an inevitable part of modern life. The world we live in is changing more quickly with globalisation and advances in technology as well as things like the recent pandemic all changing the way we both live and work. Alongside this we all experience change in our career and personal lives that can impact us. Learning more about change and understanding our natural responses to it, exploring the emotions we experience can help us to develop our resilience and ability to accept, cope with and process change.

This course helps you to explore the impact of change. It looks at the changes we have experienced and explores how we typically respond during times of significant change. It allows you to explore your personal response to change and to look at constructive ways to deal with and cope with change positively. The session will look at positive coping mechanisms we need to support us through the rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs. 

In today’s world the ability to adapt to change is essential for chartered accountants to be able to thrive in their career and life.

What will you get out of it?

By completing this course it will help you to reflect on your personal experiences of change, learn how change has impacted you. It will give you the opportunity to explore how you respond to change, assess and explore your emotional reactions and put some strategies in place to help you handle personal change better in the future.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Explain your understanding of how change is impacting our careers and personal lives
  • Understand the ‘change curve’ to how we typically react and process change
  • Improve your awareness of your personal reaction and emotional responses to change both positive and negative 
  • Decide constructive ways to help you cope with change and explore positive techniques to build resilience and maintain your wellbeing during change

Is this course for you?

If you are either experiencing a significant change right now in your career/life, if you can see that there may be turbulent times ahead and want to equip yourself with some knowledge of techniques to help you cope better with change or if you just want to be more aware of how change impacts you this course will be a good for you.


Come prepared to talk about your personal experiences of change.

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