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Location Live online course


Date 06 December 2021

Registration time 09.15

Start time 09.30

End time 13.00


The time spent defining resilience is worthwhile. I wish I’d thought about this a long time ago, as it would have helped me during difficult periods in my life.

Course delegate, Boost Your Resilience

Explore the tools you need to develop so you are more able to overcome adversity and stress, whilst staying mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy.

What's this course about?

Resilience can often mean the difference between handling pressure and losing control. It gives you the strength to tackle problems head on and overcome adversity. The way you react to challenges and setbacks is a reflection of how resilient you are. Resilient people tend to maintain a more positive outlook - they learn from their experiences, cope more effectively and are healthier physically and mentally.

Resilience also means adopting healthy strategies for managing stress, and being fully aware of the difference between pressure - which can be positive and motivating - and stress, a natural reaction to too much pressure.

In fact, you could say resilience is the cornerstone of adaptability - an attribute we all need during times of rapid change to help us to achieve our goals.

What will you get out of it?

Resilience can be learned by anyone and improves lives. This course will give you the information, strategies and techniques to help you become a more resilient individual, better able to handle adversity and thrive.

You'll learn how to develop your resilience both in and out of the workplace. You'll find out how to boost your self-belief and adopt a more positive attitude.

After completing this course you will be able to

  • Understand more about resilience and the foundations that support it
  • Understand the difference between stress and pressure
  • Understand how to identify stress in yourself and others
  • Have a better understanding of your own stressors and the causes
  • Learn strategies which will boost your personal resilience
  • Design an action plan to increase your resilience

Is this course for you?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn healthier ways of dealing with setbacks and stress in both their professional and personal life.


Delegates need to be open to some self-analysis within a safe and supportive environment.

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