CABA trainers

Our trainers are dedicated and highly qualified individuals who provide high quality services in confidence.

Juliet Adams

Juliet is a professional learning facilitator, coach and mentor, helping individuals to enhance their wellbeing, resilience and performance. Juliet works with clients in the public and private sector and delivers practical and motivational workshops underpinned by the latest research. Juliet was an expert adviser to the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Chris Burton

Chris has a wealth of experience delivering leadership and management development programmes to drive cultural and behavioural change in the private and public sector. Chris is an advanced Train the Trainer Practitioner and has an MA in Theatre Production, previously teaching drama in the prison service.

Anna Brook

Anna discovered yoga in her early twenties whilst training at drama school in London. Initially it was the physical benefits that drew her in - greater flexibility, ease and strength in the body. What she then began to discover were the profound effects on the mind - greater focus, ease, self-awareness, ways of managing anxiety/stress and a deeper perspective of life. Over the last 15 years she has immersed herself in over 650 hours of training in a great variety of styles of yoga and meditation, and is registered/insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

She has taught extensively on yoga retreats, teaches on yoga teacher trainings and manages a yoga studio in Brighton. She thrives on sharing these ancient and modern practices in an accessible way to enable others to experience the profound benefits in their lives.

Meg Burton

Meg is an executive coach, career coach and leadership trainer. Meg has wide-ranging experience delivering development training to leaders and managers in corporate organisations. As an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 qualified coach and mentor, Meg helps individuals succeed in their careers and reach their potential.

Isabelle Campbell

Isabelle is a chartered accountant, trainer and coach who qualified with a big 4 firm. As a Finance Director for a large media organisation, Isabelle is passionate about sharing her industry experience to help others achieve a work-life blend, build resilience and increase inner peace.

Miro Cansky

Miro is a mindfulness trainer, counsellor and integrative psychotherapist with a wealth of experience delivering mindfulness training in the private and public sector. Miro is passionate about inspiring people to use mindfulness techniques to shape and influence how they respond to difficult situations.

Anjanette Fraser

Anjanette is an experienced registered nutritionist and provides tailored nutritional advice and support for organisations and individuals. Anjanette, who is studying an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, is passionate about using the science of nutrition to encourage people to make small, sustainable food swaps. Anjanette started her career in corporate finance, previously working at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Cath Heath

Cath is a positive psychology practitioner who works with individuals and teams to develop their confidence, resilience, productivity and engagement. Cath’s previous experience in management means she understands the challenges people face and can help them apply the tools and practices to achieve meaningful change.


Angus Farr

Angus Farr is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional in Human Resources who has spent many years working with individuals and organisations to develop those all-important 'soft' skills. Angus has worked in practice and business and is a Past President of an ICAEW District Society.

Richard Jenkins

Richard is a highly experienced trainer, counsellor, cognitive behavioural therapist, hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. Richard’s areas of expertise are stress and post trauma management, management and personal development, meditation and facilitation. Richard is passionate about improving personal wellbeing and performance by making simple but often life-changing adjustments to the way we think and behave.