A call with CABA made me realise I was not alone.

I’ve lived in India for over 25 years, since moving from the UK.  Although my parents are from India, I live in a city where I don’t have any direct relatives or family support. After going through a divorce, my kids were settled and happy in their school, I didn’t want to uproot them to another city or back to the UK. I had also exited my business so I could spend more time with my children. But I was stuck at a cross roads and constantly worried about what I would do next.

A call with CABA made me realise I was not alone. CABA is not just for people who are going through major life problems. It is also for people like you and me, who have everyday challenges or specific issues they need support with. When I explained that I was a little lost with life and wanted to get back into work, CABA arranged some sessions with a coach, to help me think through my next stage of career whilst balancing the needs of my children.

Caroline, my career coach was amazing. She had been in a very similar position and she coached me to create a new future for myself. She also helped me to understand that it would take time. As a Chartered Accountant, I am used to immediate results, but working on yourself is an infinite game. CABA kept checking in to ensure the sessions were going well and even agreed to extend two sessions to help me reach a point where I was ready to take it on myself.

I’ve also turned to CABA when I needed someone to talk to when I was struggling to care for my parents. They are in their eighties and they spend a lot of time with me. They don’t mean to be, but they can be quite difficult. My mother has early onset Parkinsons and an eye problem. Both my parents have hearing problems. CABA arranged a counsellor who helped me with practical steps on how I could support my parents as well as look after my own wellbeing. My counsellor spotted a childhood trauma that needed to be dealt with. The process nursed me back to positive mental health and a good relationship with my parents.

I’m where I want to be and everything is on track. I’m very grateful to CABA for providing me with a shoulder to cry on, supporting me to make decisions, pull it all together and helping me learn from my experiences.

How CABA can help

CABA supports the wellbeing of past and present ICAEW members, ACA students, ICAEW staff members, and their spouses, partners and children up to the age of 25. For advice, information and support please: