Being a single mum of a disabled child can make you feel quite alone. So when I suddenly had to find a substantial sum of money to help my daughter, I felt very, very stressed.

My nine year old daughter has cerebral palsy, which means she is unable to sit, stand or walk unaided. Her movements are progressing better than many children with her condition, largely because she has been having two weeks of a very intensive form of physical therapy once a year since she was three.

Funding has always been a problem, as the therapy is recognised by the NHS but not funded by them. This year, not long before we were due to go, we were told we had to find £1,000 towards the cost. It came out of the blue. I was in a total panic. There was just no way I could get my hands on that sort of money. The only thing I could think of was trying to raise it on credit cards, but that would have taken a lot of juggling and I’m not sure how it would have worked out long-term. People suggested I try and fundraise in our local community, but I really didn’t think I could go around asking. It takes your dignity away, a thing like that. 

I decided to call CABA. Because I’d called them before I knew how good they were. I thought, even if they can’t help me, at least they’ll listen. They were exceedingly helpful. They understood this was an emergency for my family. I called on a Friday and they agreed to pay the full amount by the next Tuesday. They dealt directly with the therapy centre – I never saw an invoice, which took a lot of the stress out of the situation for me. The relief was immense.

After the panic was over I talked a lot with the staff at CABA, about how to make sure I don’t get in that situation again. Now I know the charge is coming I’ve got a savings plan. I’m putting a bit by every week so that we can fund the therapy in the future. And that’s the thing with CABA, they’re not just for money problems. They’re so understanding, so good at helping you think things through. 

It might sound daft but I just feel good that someone helped us. Like I was part of something. You know, all those chartered accountants out there, donating with their membership fee because they know that hard times can hit any one of us, and we’re looking after our own. If you are reading this because hard times have hit you, definitely call them. You might need financial help, but it’s not just about that. Whatever’s going on with you, they will find a way to help you handle it.

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*Some personal details of this client have been changed to protect their identity.