I had stopped working as a chartered accountant some time ago – I had thought that I had sufficient funds for retirement. However, after a time, it became clear that with the rapid rise in the cost of living, things were going to be tight.

I have always been an independent person and I wanted to find my own solution to this problem. In time I developed a business concept – I spotted a gap in the market for a particular online accountancy tool. I planned carefully, and realised that the business had a real chance of success – it had the potential to boost my income. My only problem then was that that for the six months or so it would take to set up the business, there would be a shortfall in my household expenses.

At times like this people often turn to family, and normally I would turn to my son who has a very good business overseas. But the global downturn had affected him too and he’s not really in a position to help me at the moment. It was at this point a friend of mine who is also a chartered accountant said 'have you thought of speaking to CABA'?

I knew very little about CABA’s work, but I decided to give them a ring. I was apprehensive as I’ve never asked anyone for help before, but the staff were very nice. After some discussion with them we agreed that what I needed was a modest amount of money each month for six months. This would make up the shortfall while I concentrated on developing the online business.

I felt very relieved. CABA gave my family the chance to re-position ourselves and stand on our own two feet again. I am confident that the business will allow us to regain independence and this has given me tremendous peace of mind.

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*Some personal details of this client have been changed to protect their identity*