I'd been with my old firm for 8 years, and it was time to move on. After I'd negotiated an exit deal, I remember standing in the car park, wondering what I was going to do next. My instinct was to network and find a new position.

In that spirit, I went on a number of CABA courses, which proved to be of exceptionally high quality. I was stunned not only by the calibre of the tutors, and also the networking opportunities they gave me. I would also say that from every course I have taken practical tips that have added value to the way I think and work. They share nuggets of information that help you change and enhance your working practice.

At a course I learned about CABA's career coaching service and I decided to apply. The process was very straightforward and it was great to deal with CABA - they are such a forward thinking organisation. Essentially they support members to get the most out of their work and lives. They were very happy to support my search for a suitable position and you can have face-to-face or phone coaching, so it's set up in a really flexible way.

To be honest I was slightly disappointed by my first session as I didn't get on so well with the coach I had been allocated. They were very professional, but there was just no chemistry. I went back to CABA and they dealt with it very well. They set me up with a different coach immediately and without any fuss.

The coaching was a really useful process for me and such a productive way to work. My coach helped me to develop my ideas, and came up with good suggestions about business plans and methods. Also, having another professional who you respect focused on you and your career can bring out the best in you. It gives you that extra push.

Once he had an idea of my priorities he suggested what I should work on. We'd agree objectives, then regroup so I could report back. I'm an action-focused sort of person and that approach suited me very well.

I soon realised I wanted was to start my own business. My coach shared his personal experience and helped me to turn it into a reality.

Now, 3 years later, I have my own business offering joined-up business services. I've partnered with 2 lawyers and we employ 15 people, giving legal advice, with financial and HR consulting. When I look back to where I was 3 years ago, it's amazing.

Would I have got there without CABA's help? Perhaps, but I can definitely say that CABA helped me to get there faster and with more confidence. Having the professional support to formulate my own ideas was an exceptional experience. If you're ready to take the next step in your career, I would definitely recommend accessing CABA.

CABA aren't just here for when you're struggling, but with their coaches and courses, they're a fantastic resource for moving forward and achieving your career goals.

How CABA can help

CABA supports the wellbeing of past and present ICAEW members, ACA students, ICAEW staff members, and their spouses, partners and children up to the age of 25. For advice, information and support please contact us.