“CABA’s services are of a very high quality, but the best part was simply that I felt supported, and that gave my confidence a well needed boost. I stopped feeling so alone.”

“I sometimes receive emails from CABA making me aware that their services extend to overseas members, so when things became difficult for me, I decided to get in touch. I was living in the Middle East and going through an extremely stressful period in my life. I was feeling emotionally drained. I was faced with the sickness of a close family member and I was the only person able to look after them. I really struggled to maintain a full-time job and take on this caring role, so I had to leave my job in the hope of getting something else with more flexible working hours. Everything was very strained and I sensed that if I didn’t get some professional support I might lose control of the situation.

The most difficult part for me was asking for help. I really didn’t know what to expect from CABA, but I was impressed by how quickly they reacted. They were respectful in gathering the facts about what I was facing and they offered suggestions on how I could manage my situation. I’m not exaggerating, but I was like a drowning man and CABA were throwing me a life-line. I will never forget how it felt to know that someone cared.

CABA put in place a support plan within a very short time frame. They provided counselling to deal with my personal situation and career coaching for getting my career back on track. I know this was the first time they arranged face-to-face career coaching in the Middle East and I was impressed with how they were able to respond to the needs of international clients. They also assisted financially with a grant as I was struggling with medical bills.

I was given access to an online support programme. I went through learning sessions and then an interactive part of the programme, where I would apply what I had learnt to my situation. I could also view useful videos of people talking about how they faced their own challenges using the techniques, which I found comforting. In most cases I could immediately see the benefit of what I was learning in my sessions and would feel more positive and confident that I could manage my situation successfully. This gave me an opportunity to process what I was dealing with and find solutions to my immediate challenges, while equipping me with useful techniques and strategies to come up with realistic solutions.

Overall, I would say that the support I received exceeded my expectations. I was facing a genuine tragedy and was really desperate when I reached out to CABA. Without their support, I think my life could easily have fallen apart. I needed support to be able to care for my sick relative and get my career and finances back on track. The services they provide are of a very high quality, but the best part was simply that I felt supported, and that gave my confidence a well needed boost. I stopped feeling so alone. I am in a much stronger position now.”

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*Some personal details of this client have been changed to protect their identity