I'd heard about CABA courses through my colleagues who all said great things about them. I thought I'd try the course in resilience and I really enjoyed it.

One of the reasons I did the course was that I was having difficulties with a colleague. I was finding her behaviour very challenging. She was charming to both senior and junior staff, but her attitude towards her peers was aggressive and unconstructive. She wouldn't collaborate, would disparage other people to senior staff and was actively bullying another colleague. It was difficult to be around.

While I was on the resilience course, I found out that CABA offered coaching in other areas. I decided to give it a go. It was a real eye opener. My coach helped me see that this colleague's behaviour was being facilitated in part by the management, which meant that it was a management issue, not a personal one. This allowed me to approach the problem in a much more pragmatic way.

I had been avoiding this difficult colleague, but my coach encouraged me to hit reset on our relationship. I invited her out for coffee, even though I found it a hard thing to do. She avoided it, but it meant that when HR got involved, they could see that I'd made the effort to build bridges and she was being resistant.

The problem isn't over, but reframing it has really lessened the impact it has on me. The course and coaching provided by CABA were invaluable.

How CABA can help

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