Staff listing

Our staff are dedicated and highly trained individuals who provide high quality services in confidence.

Services Team

Mary Jane Gunn

Support Manager

Mary Jane joined CABA in November 2015. As Support Manager her role involves managing the team of Support Officers and Information and Advice Officers who are our frontline of supporting past and present ICAEW members and their families. Mary Jane has an extensive background in managing customer facing teams in social housing and is an expert in supporting quality service delivery with robust processes and procedures, contract management with partner organisations who deliver services to our clients, and managing staff teams to deliver their very best. Mary Jane is an experienced coach who has worked with staff members and Board members in a number of organisations to increase their personal effectiveness and achieve their goals.

David Ashby

Senior Support Officer

David has previously worked for the Social Services Department of Leicestershire County Council as a Welfare Rights Officer assisting clients across a wide range of benefits and tax credits issues and representing their interests at tribunals and appeals. He has also worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Along with casework responsibilities, David is responsible for managing CABA’s dedicated team of volunteers, supervising their work and providing support and guidance.

Paul Day

Senior Support Officer

Paul is a Senior Support Officer, overseeing CABA’s response to new enquirers and liaising with our partner organisation. Paul previously worked at a Citizens Advice Bureau for a number of years as both a volunteer and then a money advice caseworker before joining the CABA team in 2012. He is a certified member of the Institute of Money Advisers, having completed his certificate in Money Advice Practice in 2013.

Suhel Bhula

Advice & Information Officer

Suhel is the first point of contact for clients requesting support, ensuring their needs are fully understood, prioritising and identifying the services they require. He supports clients globally and conducts research to determine country specific needs which informs service design. Suhel has over five years’ experience working with individuals and families experiencing difficulty in a variety of agencies.

Cathy Mackle

Support Officer

Cathy originally trained as a Registered General Nurse, working in the NHS for thirteen years. Following completion of a Social Welfare degree in 2002 she has held various posts within education supporting students with disabilities and with a third sector organisation providing support to mothers with post natal depression. Cathy is one of CABA’s carer support officers providing support to chartered accountants, their carers and dependents who have caring responsibilities.

Sara Buswell

Support Officer

Sara has worked as a benefits training officer for the Department for Work and Pensions and as a Welfare Rights Officer for carers in a social care setting with Leicestershire County Council. She joined CABA in 2010 as a carer support officer, providing practical and emotional support to eligible members who are carers; she specialises in offering advice and guidance on both home and residential care funding issues.

Jo Rice-Evans

Support Officer

Jo completed a degree in Psychology in 2008 and has since held positions within secure care homes, with Alzheimer's Society and Stroke Association providing support to patients and their carers both in acute and community settings. Jo joined the Care Support team in 2017 who give advice and support to chartered accountants, their carers and dependents. 

Dawn Needle

Support Officer

Dawn previously worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau for eight years as a money advice caseworker before joining CABA in 2013. She is one of our team of debt support officers, offering clients one to one support on all debt related issues. This includes providing budgeting advice, negotiating with creditors and advising on the options available to clients for dealing with their debts.

Melanie Smith

Support Officer

Melanie joined CABA in 2008. As a health and care support officer she works with a varied group of clients, from those who are unemployed due to health concerns through to those over pension age. Melanie ensures that clients are claiming any benefits they are entitled to and provides signposting to organisations and services that can provide additional services. Melanie has previously worked with adults with learning disabilities

Amanda Bliss

Case Management Officer

As CABA's case management officer, Amanda is responsible for making referrals and maintaining contact with clients throughout their support to ensure all services are delivered in a timely and appropriate manner dependent on the individual client's needs.

Amanda has previously worked in the education sector as a community learning facilitator, teaching core subjects and life skills to young adults with learning difficulties. Prior to that she was an office supervisor for a domiciliary care company for the elderly and was instrumental in the expansion and growth of the business.

Paul Guess

Case Management Officer

As one of CABA's case management officers, Paul is responsible for making referrals and maintaining contact with clients seeking counselling and emotional support, as well as liaising with our service providers.

Paul has worked in a number of NHS organisations, with experience of programme management, governance, regulation, and clinical audit. Paul also has qualifications within the counselling field.

Faye Wills

Grants Officer

Faye joined CABA in 2014. As Grants Officer Faye is responsible for managing the application, review and processes for all financial support (Grants & Donations). She ensures that decisions are implemented efficiently and are made in compliance of the Support Service Guidelines.

Kirsty Demaine

Support Team Administrator

As CABA’s support administrator Kirsty provides vital clerical support to the Grants Officer, our team of Support Officers and Case Management Officers.

Jessica French

Development Manager

As Development Manager, Jessica uses research and data to build CABA’s support provision. Working across all internal teams, she ensures the wraparound support available to members is holistic, covering all facets of personal and professional wellbeing.

Jessica’s background in education and development has been cultivated in a range diverse settings from schoolteachers in Malaysia to restaurateurs in California. With an eye on uncovering client needs based on individual and cultural contexts, she develops support programmes that are relevant and innovative.

Engagement and Communications Team

Laura Little

Learning and Development Manager

Laura is the Learning and Development Manager for CABA overseeing the training department and working to develop further the learning opportunities available. Laura has a Degree and Masters in Psychology and has over ten years’ experience of production and delivery of training courses to a range of different client groups. She has previously worked with young offenders, delivering both group work and one to one work, as well as training staff in the development of resilience and the complex nature of human behaviour.

Alicia Gonzalez Ramos

Learning and Development Officer

Alicia is a Learning and Development Officer responsible for organising and co-ordinating CABA's open course programme across the country. Alicia has worked in the Learning and Development team for a number of years, originally as administrator, moving into the officer role in March 2017. Alicia's background has been in international insurance supporting the underwriting process and dealing with clients all over the world from South America to Africa and Middle and Far East. Alicia is passionate about wellbeing and is always looking for new learning opportunities to support the ICAEW community.

Henry Crofts

E-learning and Digital Officer

Henry joined CABA in September 2018 as the e-Learning and Digital Officer. Henry is responsible for turning our wellbeing courses into engaging online training that can be accessed any time, anywhere. Prior to working at CABA, Henry worked as a product designer for an e-Learning company making child protection and health and safety training for schools, businesses and charities all over the UK.

Kirsty Watkinson

L&D Administrator

Kirsty joined CABA in March 2019 as Learning and Development Administrator. Kirsty is responsible for supporting the Learning and Development team in organising and coordinating CABA's open course programmes across the country. She liaises with wellbeing trainers, venues and the ICAEW community.

Kirsty’s expertise is in administration, customer care, and all aspects of client facing support for the delivery of exceptional office operations. Prior to joining CABA, Kirsty worked in the Pharmaceutical industry and with a coaching and development business working with large corporate organisations throughout the UK providing development and coaching solutions for individuals, teams and organisations at all levels.

Valeria Jackson

Learning and Development Assistant

Valeria is a Learning and Development Assistant responsible for organising and co-ordinating CABA training courses for firms and businesses. She has been part of the Learning and Development team since the beginning of 2019. Valeria's background is in administration and wellbeing, with over a decade of experience in both fields. As a qualified natural therapist, Valeria is extremely passionate about wellbeing and to support ICAEW members to live happier and healthier lives. 

Lauren Rogers

Head of Marketing and Communications

As Head of Marketing and Communications, Lauren is a passionate marketer, taking a proactive and innovative approach to promoting CABA’s services and engaging with ICAEW members and their families. Lauren is an experienced marketing and communications professional and has been working at CABA since 2012. She has previously worked within SME organisations in both the private and not for profit sectors including the pharmaceutical, healthcare, recruitment and automotive industries.

Rekha Chauhan

Brand and Communications Manager

Rekha joined CABA in 2018 and is primarily responsible for raising the awareness of CABA through PR activity. Rekha has built up a wealth of marketing experience, previously working in the payments industry and for a large national governing body.  In 2016 she completed her Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6.

Charlotte Hattersley

Marketing Officer

Charlotte joined CABA in September 2018. In her role she is responsible for delivering multi-channel marketing activities to increase awareness, engagement and understanding of CABA’s services. Prior to this, she worked for a consultancy providing marketing and fundraising support to a range of charity clients. She completed her CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing in 2017.

Jayne Hill

Marketing Assistant

Jayne joined CABA in 2016 and is responsible for supporting the marketing team with the implementation of the strategic marketing plan to increase awareness, engagement and take up of CABA’s services. She has a broad range of experience in not for profit marketing and communications including working with homelessness and international development. Jayne’s communication expertise encompasses using digital and traditional marketing channels to inspire members, beneficiaries and supporters.

Carly Tadman

Communications Officer

Carly joined CABA in 2018 and is responsible for planning and implementing marketing communications campaigns that drive awareness of the support available to ACA students, past and present ICAEW members and their families. Carly has a strong background in the charity sector, and prior to starting with CABA worked as a Communications Officer for Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

Chris Arnold

Digital Marketing Manager

Chris is responsible for ensuring that CABA’s website and social media efforts raise awareness of our full range of wellbeing resources. Chris started designing and building websites in 2001, and has since built up a wealth of digital marketing knowledge, becoming a digital marketing consultant. In 2005 he began working specifically with accounting firms, consulting with hundreds of practices around the UK before making a move to CABA in 2014.

Charlotte Wilson

Digital Marketing Officer

Charlee joined CABA in April 2019. She takes an innovative and creative approach to helping CABA promote its services and campaigns through digital tools to increase awareness, engagement, inspiration and understanding to our audience.

Charlee has a strong digital, automation and design background having a degree in animation, worked across different sectors including games, events and ecommerce. Charlee is also an Marketo Certified Associate and Google Online certified, and is currently studying an level 6 IDM Digital Marketing course. 

Stephen Wiggins

Digital Marketing Officer

Ste joined CABA in January 2020 as a Digital Marketing Officer. He is responsible for planning and delivering the digital marketing strategy, raising awareness of CABA through our website and other digital channels.

Ste is an experienced marketing and communications professional and has worked across a number of different sectors, including healthcare and construction. Since 2018 he has focussed on digital marketing, helping clients with their online strategies before joining CABA.

Dan Hyslop

Content and Social Media Assistant

Dan joined CABA in 2019 as a Content and Social Media Assistant. His main responsibilities is to assist in how we plan and organise the content we produce as well as looking after our social media channels.

In the summer of 2019 Dan graduated with a Business Management and Marketing degree, which particularly sparked his interest in consumer behaviour and the strategic management of the customer experience in a service industry.

Donna Rickaby

Head of Relationship Development

As Head of Relationship Development at CABA, Donna leads the relationship development strategy, actively building and managing new and existing business relationships across multiple channels including ICAEW, firms & businesses and other business networks, seeking out opportunities to connect and support past and present ICAEW members across the globe.

Donna joined CABA in 2016 as Relationship Development Manager to manage the strategic partnership with ICAEW. She has a solid history of relationship and membership development in the not for profit sector and is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Karen Sall

Senior Relationship Development Officer

Karen is responsible for building and managing new and existing business relationships with ICAEW and other networks whilst managing and delivering new opportunities to connect and support past and present ICAEW members, staff, ACA students and their families.

Karen joined CABA in 2016 and her previous experience was in event management and learning and development roles in a variety of sectors.

Cynthia Dobo

Senior Relationship Development Officer - Global

Cynthia is responsible for building and managing business relationships across multiple global channels including ICAEW, firms & businesses and other business networks whilst seeking out opportunities to engage and support the global chartered accountant community. Cynthia has been with CABA since March 2016. She has a wealth of experience in the charity and IT sectors, working across cultures in her market research, segment marketing manager and communications roles. 

Sarah Chalmers

Relationship Development Assistant

Sarah joined CABA in 2018 as the Relationship Development Administrator and was promoted to Relationship Development Assistant in 2020. Sarah supports the Senior Relationship Development Officer and Relationship Development Officer with the delivery of events and engagement activity through ICAEW Central office and regional district societies. Prior to joining CABA, Sarah worked for a number of years in school business management and has also worked in adult education and Early Years Foundation Stage.  

Elizabeth Anderson

Projects Officer - Relationship Development Firms and Businesses

As the Projects Officer for Relationship Development Firms and Businesses, Liz is responsible for developing relationships and facilitating the delivery of CABA's services and support to ICAEW members and ACA students within Firms and Businesses to help their personal wellbeing. Liz joined CABA in August 2017 and prior to working at CABA she worked within a variety of sectors including events, construction and education, holding a degree in Media and Creative Industries.

Julie Hancox

Learning & Development Assistant

Julie joined CABA in 2019 as a Learning & Development Assistant responsible for the co-ordination and delivery of training events for ICAEW UK and the regional district societies, Global ICAEW and Global firms & businesses. Julie has many years experience working in the not for profit sector where she worked for an international development charity leading on a programme of multi-channel marketing campaigns to engage and develop relationships with existing supporters.

Gabrielle Love

Senior Relationship Development Officer – Firms & Business

As the Senior Relationship Development Officer Gabi, and her team, are responsible for building and managing relationships and networks within Firms and Business. Showcasing and facilitating the services and support that CABA provides to ICAEW members, ACA students and their families.

Having studying Furniture Design and Craftsmanship at university Gabi developed a real passion for design, although her onward career took her into Consultative Sales & Business Development, working in a number of different industries from a non-profit membership organisation to language and cross cultural communication.

Working at CABA, has combined Gabi’s skill sets and experience with a service provision she feels passionate about and she is now enjoying the process of helping shape and grow the Firms & Business channel.

Evie Suggett

Relationship Development Officer - Firms & Business

Evie joined CABA at the end of 2019 as Relationship Development Officer for Firms & Business and is responsible for developing new relationships, growing and raising awareness of CABA and our benefits to ACA members/ students within firms and businesses.

Evie has 5 years’ experience within Business Development and Account Management roles. Prior to CABA, Evie worked for a wellbeing company supporting large organisations worldwide with their healthcare.

Gareth Winters

Relationship Development Officer

Gareth joined in November 2019 and is responsible for building and developing new and existing relationships for firms and businesses, whilst promoting the benefits of CABA for past and present ICAEW members, staff, ACA students and their families.

Having studied Performing Arts at University, Gareth has gained a strong background in communicating and has a real passion for networking and developing relationships. Prior to working for CABA, Gareth’s experience has been in B2C and B2B sales, Management and Performing Arts.

Neena Gahir

Marketing Officer

Neena joined CABA in August 2020. As Marketing Officer, she is passionate about increasing awareness, engagement and understanding of CABA’s services through integrated marketing campaigns.

She has a wealth of marketing experience across the Charity, Education and Public Sectors. Prior to CABA, she managed the production and marketing strategy for educational resources, designed to achieve successful outcomes for children across the UK. 

Finance and Resources Team

Rob Smith

Head of Finance

Rob joined CABA in 2009, having previously held finance and IT roles in the Corporate and Trust service sector. His responsibilities include providing financial information to both Management and Trustees to inform operational and strategic level decision making and ensuring compliance with statutory reporting requirements. He is secretary to the Audit and Risk Committee and the Investment Committee. Rob is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Mariyam Ravat

Management Accountant

Mariyam joined CABA in September 2016.  Mariyam has experience of working in not for profit sector and also in commercial environment as a Financial Accountant.  She is member of Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA).  Her responsibilities are to produce monthly management accounts and quarterly financial reviews for the management.

Jill Orcherton

Accounts Officer

Jill joined CABA as our accounts assistant in 2010, assisting the management accountant with the day to day administration of the finance department. She has a varied financial background, including working in the public sector, sporting venues and engineering. In March 2014 she gained her Level 2 City & Guilds in bookkeeping.

Mike Smith

Data Protection Officer

Mike joined CABA in 2015 as an Information Systems Officer and began leading on data protection at the beginning of 2017. As Data Protection Officer and a qualified practitioner, Mike is responsible for overseeing CABA’s data protection compliance programme and its implementation, to ensure the ethical use of personal data and compliance with current legislation.

Hervé Sumu

Systems & Process Development Officer

Hervé joined CABA in 2015 and is responsible to ensure CABA's continuous improvement focusing on business system utilisation and process development. His role also involves the facilitation of system training across the organisation as well process design and technology implementation. Before joining CABA, Hervé held various roles in Data Control and Project Support in service and manufacturing industries.

Samantha Jones

Business Analyst

As Business Analyst, Samantha is responsible for providing insightful and reliable operational information that demonstrates progress against our strategy, the impact of our services and assists managers with making future business decisions. Samantha joined CABA in 2010 having worked previously with both data and analytics as a manager in the gaming and banking industries.

Sue Appley

Office Co-ordinator

As office co-ordinator, Sue ensures the efficient running of our office by coordinating all facilities, equipment and office processes. Before joining CABA in 2009 she worked in a number of customer facing and administrative positions including working in car dealerships, hotels and manufacturing companies as well as undertaking a number of roles during sixteen years as a public servant.

Ketna Gohil

HR Officer

Ketna joined CABA October 2017 and is responsible for providing HR Support and advice within the organisation.  She is also responsible for the monitoring, evaluation of the HR function and demonstrate its impact on the organisation.

Before joining CABA, Ketna has 13 years' experience working in HR for Penguin Random House, Distribution site, with comprehensive knowledge in Employee Relations, Training, Payroll and Benefits.

Lee Becker

Information Systems Administrator

Lee joined CABA in 2020 as an Information Systems Administrator. Her role involves helping with data reporting and analysis, and CRM systems administration. She is particularly interested in automation in Excel and other applications.

Derek Eaton

IT Manager

Derek Eaton joined CABA in January 2021. As IT Manager his role is effective management of the IS Team, delivery of the Technology Roadmap and working as part of the Management Team to deliver positive change across the organisation. Derek has spent over 20 years’ managing IT teams in 4 different non for profit environments. A professional member of the British Computer Society from a coding background, Derek utilises all his experience of IT change to move CABA forward in the digital age.